Baron Lake - Sawtooth National Recreation Area, IdahoBaron Lake, Idaho

There is magic and beauty to be found in the world we live upon. Open your senses to appreciate captivating views, take in the smells of the earth, feel the textures of different plants, glimpse vibrant colors, respect the beauty of wildlife and experience different ways of living.

Whether it’s a 3 day hiking trip or a 2 week venture to another part of the world, I am thankful every time I get to see a new part of the world I haven’t experienced before. I am an adventurous soul and hope to share some of these experiences with you!


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to appreciate good travels. Explore around you. Google search popular places and attractions within a 100-mile radius of where you live and make a day trip or a weekend trip out of it. Get out there and explore!

Some places I have been lucky to travel to include New York City, Ensenada, Mexico, all around the Northwest, Tombstone, Tucson & Nogales in Arizona, and Maui, Hawaii.


View my blogs on travel HERE.

In 2015, I am preparing for backpacking adventures all over the Northwest.


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