My FAV Natural Products

I always research a product before I bring it into my home to use on myself, on my animals or in my cooking.

I make sure nothing is tested on animals, contains animal products or contains gmo’s.

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Super foods

Matcha1Matcha Green Tea:  KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Premium Ceremonial Grade – Japanese Matcha Tea Powder 30g [1oz]

One of my favorite new products in my house is my Matcha green tea. When I decided to change to a vegan lifestyle, I began researching for good health foods to add to my diet.

Transitioning to my now daily vegan superfood latte was SO MUCH EASIER than I thought it would be. My morning cup now gives me a sustained less-jittery energy boost than my daily cup of coffee.

Plus, it has incredible health benefits! Read about Matcha Green Tea HERE.


Face wash: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, 16 Ounces

This cleanser works so well because it’s a cream cleanser. I have dry skin so this cleanser isn’t harsh and doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped and irritated.

It soothes the skin and gently cleanses.

 Face Moisturizer: Beauty without Cruelty Renewal Moisturizer Vitamin C with coq10

This is really one of my favorite products in my bathroom. I tried many moisturizers over the years (I started using moisturizer when I was 12). I have been using it since 2012.

BWC is a favorite brand of mine- no animal testing. Before bed, I add a drop or two of almond oil to the moisturizer I put on my face for added moisture. My skin always looks soft and fresh in the morning.

Toothpaste: Organique Toothpaste Neem & Pomegranate Himalaya Herbals 5.29 oz Paste

This toothpaste does not contain fluoride, gluten, saccharin or sodium lauryl sulfate. Not tested on animals.

1) Neem – A traditionally used botanical to clean teeth and help maintain integrity of gums.
2) Pomegranate – An astringent fruit extract‚ to soothe and tone.
3) Triphala – A combination of 3 fruits (Amla‚ Bibhitaki‚ and Haritaki)‚ traditionally known to support a healthy mouth.
4) Xylitol from Birch – A tooth-friendly sweetener that helps to break down biofilms.

Liquid Shampoo: Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Revitalizing Shampoo

I used this shampoo when I washing my dreadlocks and continued to use it after I took my dreadlocks out. It contains organic coconut extract but no fillers that coat the hair shaft to make it “seem silky”. (You don’t want that when you have dreadlocks).

This cleans my hair and smells amazing!

Dry Shampoo: Lush Cosmetics No Drought Dry Shampoo, 4.1 Ounces

First of all, Lush Cosmetics is a company I have a come to adore. They are strong activists for the welfare of animals. And there isn’t a product of theirs I don’t love.

I use this in between washings. With a base of corn flour, it is very absorbent and helps keep your hair from looking too shiny or greasy.

Enjoying my ‘Love Lettuce’ facial mask.

Love Lettuce

Fresh Face Masks: Lush Cosmetics Vegan Fresh Face Masks (Love Lettuce).

You have to buy Lush’s fresh face masks at their store. You can’t get it online because they are refrigerated and can spoil. That’s how fresh they are!

Any product from Lush Cosmetics- if you’re lucky enough to have a store close to you, stop waiting! Go check it out. Or visit their website-

Some of my favorite products from them are their bathbombs, fresh refrigerated face masks, massage bars that melt when they touch your skin, and their sugar lip scrub.

Garden Products

We buy all our garden products from a local company here in Idaho called Zamzows. You can visit their website at


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