Every change in life may cause stress. Whether it’s good, bad, positive or negative, how it effects us depends on a lot of things.

We can reduce stress by creating more of a balance in our life. Or we can understand that change causes stress, and that stress is inevitable when we lead busy exciting lives. And when we understand this we can try strategies that can help us deal with our own personal stressors.

Experts suggest it’s all about having a balance in your life. Work, rest, play. Eating well, exercising, getting adequate sleep. Socialize AND make time for “me time”.

The key is trying different de-stressing strategies for yourself. Is it writing, hiking, relaxing, having a strong bond with your pet, family time, watching a favorite movie/sit com, sitting in the sunshine, having a gym routine, etc?

Also, look at how you deal with stressful thoughts. If you’re like me, those thoughts go around and around in your head, sometimes keeping you up till dawn. Can you identify and accept those changes in life you can’t control? It’s important to look at how you deal with stressors in your life.