Earning a 2nd Income..is it possible?

I wrote this post to break down the difference between MLMs and the company I am a part of. I’m a huge skeptic of multi-level marketing companies. Before I get involved in something, I need to know everything about a company. Compensation model, business model, reviews, and solid products I can actually use.

A majority of mlms offer mediocre products (if they offer products at all) with a high sales margin and are run by sales people that use deceptive and shady enrolling tactics. Not all sales people act in this way…but honestly, most do. And some mlm’s have truly good products! But a lot of them offer products no one really uses… It’s just not always easy to know if the company’s (or enroller’s) true intention is to help people…or to just make a commission off of you. It’s easy to over-hype something and get people excited. I think transparency is the only way to conduct good business.

And sadly, we all can think of at least 2 people in our lives who push their referrals onto family and friends by posting endless “get rich quick” or “buy my product, I’m putting in an order tonight” posts on facebook or other social media sites. (and sometimes send you endless messages even though you don’t reply…)

MLMs…It doesn’t sound very sustainable.

I started researching mlm’s in the last 5 years or so after I was talked into signing up for Mary Kay (makeup and cosmetics) when I was 18 and ended up wasting some of the VERY little money I had. This industry of “make a 2nd income” or “replace your income altogether” truly intrigued me. And being an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to find a company I could be comfortable and proud promoting.

An mlm consists of the buying and reselling of products by distributors (therefore there is financial burden upfront as you have to buy inventory.) Then, there is a high markup on these “miracle” products, resulting in a high turnover rate. Since there’s a high turnover rate…one must recruit, recruit, recruit to earn commissions off the people they’re “trying to help.” That doesn’t sound very sustainable to me… Can you earn money in the mlm industry? Sure you can. But it’s not easy and it doesn’t sound enjoyable at all.

There really is a practical option out there.

From what I’ve found, the kind of company that offers the best ease-of-use and proves to be the most sustainable isn’t an mlm at all, it’s a direct-to-customer company that offers a marketplace full of many every day products. What makes it direct-to-customer is that a member places their monthly order on the website and the company ships those goods directly to the member’s address. If you haven’t heard of this kind of company, it’s because there aren’t a whole lot of them out there.

With this kind of company, there’s absolutely NO financial risk because you’re not investing a ridiculous amount to “get in” as a member of the company or buy inventory. They work like a wholesale club (like Costco or Thrive Marketplace). They usually have a low yearly rate to be a member, and offer exceptionally priced products to their members in a large online marketplace filled with their own products. They can offer these discounted prices because they don’t rely on marketing or selling their product in large chain stores like Target.

So here’s the low down.

So you’re thinking, okay that sounds good… but what are the products? That’s where I was always on the fence in finding a direct-to-customer company that offered products I needed to feel comfortable promoting but would also love using them in my own home.

The company I was referred to actually operates out of my home state, Idaho! They have ZERO debt as a company. They encourage their members to live within their means, and encourage them to only buy what they will use in their home that month.

Their online marketplace offers “green” type products including nutrition, weight loss, food products, beauty products, medicine cabinet items, household cleaners, pet care, and bath and body products that are backed by science with scientific studies. Any of their household cleaners are safe enough for a child to drink and not have to go to the ER (I’m seriously not lying-it’s happened before, the people called poison control and 5 people from the poison control department signed up to get these safe products in their home).

Not only was I happily surprised at their ethics and their huge array of products(that are never tested on animals)… their prices blew my mind.  And apparently everyone who signs up loves them to, because this company has a 95% retention/reorder rate every month. You’re not going to find a more sustainable way to earn an additional income than that. And their are a lot of people who aren’t interested in additional income who just sign up to use their products! They’re that good.

It’s hard to not go too in-depth about how every part of this company is pretty incredible. I was always on the lookout but I never thought I’d find something so transparent and honest.

Through the end of May, you can become a member for only $1. (If you don’t like the products, they are guaranteed and you can get your money back.)

If you’d like more info, CLICK HERE to learn more about my company. You can fill out a contact form there and I’ll email or call you. Or you can comment here on my blog. The worst that could happen is you learn about this company and decide it’s not for you.




Conscious Creative Vibes

“You may not be the smartest, you may not have the most money, or even talent, but you have the most drive.”

I’ve been working towards my dream of being a business owner for a while and always remind myself success is not simultaneous, it’s sequential.

Just like in my yoga practice, every little step and victory is equally important and should be celebrated.


I keep on looking in the direction I want to go, looking toward the dreams I will achieve. I affirm my evolution and growth. I began by creating a goal of creating a new stronger version of me.

There’s a strong connection between your conscious attention and the direction you move in. Go where you CHOOSE to go. Create your reality. Create your dreams to create your future.

Try Matcha

try it

I feel like I’ve been self-indulging more as a vegan than I ever did as a meat eater. Maybe because I now have to get creative with my food choices. And more thought is put into those choices.

This brain-nourishing earthen powder is a nutritional treasure chest. The theanine and chlorophyll cause thriving mental focus. Blood flows, passions envelope the mind…creating a sustained creative flow… 🌙✨ try matcha…your body will thank you.

xx Michaela

I’m Back!

So I’ve kind of been MIA from my website for the last 5 months… I took a break from my Etsy shop for 2.5 months too.

I had a lot of things to catch up on…deal with… and clean up. Being an adult is hard. And tiring! I always stress the importance of keeping balance in my life but I let it get out of whack there for a while. I was overworking myself on a number of things and wasn’t taking any time for myself.

In the last 5 months, my hubs and I have done a lot of home maintenance, repairs and projects.


Home November 2015

I am going to clean up the website a bit and focus more on learning new things I’m interested in. I’ve enrolled in a yoga studio near my home and it’s been really good for me. I’m transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle slowly but surely. It’s a serious learning curve. I’ve just been taking better care of myself… doing things I love…and I’m starting to feel the positive effect.

We are about half way through completely minimizing all our possessions!! Tiny house nation, anyone?? We have made up our minds that we want to live the tiny lifestyle. We are talking about selling our house in 2017 or possibly renting it out. We are thinking we would live in a camper trailer while we build our very own tiny house (on a chunk of land we’ll be buying with family). Doesn’t sound very glamorous to live in a camper trailer…but when we crunched the numbers of how much we’d be saving…let’s just say we’d be able to pay off our house in four years if we put all our extra cash towards the mortgage. That’s nuts.money makeover

Saving for something positively and only getting it when you have the cash is SO much smarter. Paying for something negatively (like getting a loan for a car) is the easier option plus you get what you want NOW! But add up all those payments so your salary is strapped out…and you can’t do anything else. I recommend Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness for anyone who is DONE with having debt hanging over their head.

It’s interesting when you talk to people about tiny living. They’re either really into it or look at you like they’re thinking… why the hell would you ever do that? We really don’t have people over very often. Mostly it’s just my sisters for coffee dates..but it’s my sisters that we’re buying the land with. So that solves that.

We live in a house with less than 1000 sq ft. But it’s on a 1/4 acre lot with 6 trees. There is a lot of outside maintenance. and it’s a historic home, so when one thing get’s repaired, two more pop up. I LOVE the charm of my home. It’s my dream home, really. But debt hanging over my head is just. not. worth it to me.

We’ve started to feel weighed down by all our possessions and home maintenance and consuming, consuming, consuming. We are ready to feel the freedom of a life without debt and have the cash to travel together. We are ready to live tiny!

The picture below is from the FIRST day of minimizing. We went through our bathroom and Scott’s wardrobe. We came out with 3 donation bags, a pile of sweaters/coats, and 2 garbage bags. The bags are 30 gallon bags! Go us! Since then, we’ve done my craft room and my wardrobe, too.

life changing magic of tidying upEven if you couldn’t live in a tiny house, you can still minimize your possessions! Getting rid of things you don’t use, haven’t used yet, or might use one day is ridding your space of stagnant energy.

Your home will have a new and fresh feel about it. I promise.

I recommend the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

This book is so simple yet it completely changed the way I look at minimizing, getting rid of items, and organizing my space.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tiny House Movement, I have a very full pinterest board that is a great resource in itself! Find it HERE.

Michaela x

Orofino, Idahome

Last week, we were able to take a mini vacation to Orofino in Northern Idaho. It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve been on since our honeymoon to Maui last October! We stayed in beautiful places, ate amazing meals & laughed the entire weekend.


We’re goin’ on a road trip!

On the morning we were to arrive in Orofino, we made a pit stop in front of Payette Lake in Mccall to stretch our legs before we had to sit in the car for a couple hours.

Heather and Scotty

Heather and Scotty

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