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(pronounced mih-KAY-luh)    |   23 years old

The Little Details

Where do I start… I’m just a girl who grew up in Idaho. I told my dad the whole time I was a kid that I didn’t want to grow up. I have 2 cats, Willow and Pepper. My favorite book is A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. I’m independent and spend a lot of my time in deep thought about life…the universe…my purpose and everything in between.

I see magic and beauty in everything, whether it’s a quiet moment to myself or seeing a smile on a stranger’s face. I’m a conscious creator. I enjoy hand crafting artsy hippie things and dreaming up big ideas that could change the world. Practicing yoga brings me a lot of happiness and keeps me in tune with my body and mind.

I always remind myself…don’t look at someone else’s journey. The base of the mountain is wide, and there are many different paths that all lead to the top.

It feels amazing when you find people you just vibe and connect with. It seems so rare to find those friendships. The kind of people who make you think…Let’s combine our visions and touch each others souls. Let’s break down our walls and build something amazing.

Because that’s the end goal right? To illuminate, to create, to reconnect, realign and redesign. To connect with those who inspire you to think bigger and be more; create with those who believe in themselves and you. Those are the kind of people I want to know.IMG_1998



One of the most important and driving factors in my life is the true love and support of my best friend and hubby, Scott. He is my rock. We explore together, laugh together, learn together, work as a team & most importantly grow as individuals… together. xplor

Dreams, Aspirations, Travel

-I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, foods, customs and events. Camping and backpacking is one of my favorites.

-A dream of mine in the making is being DEBT-FREE. It’s hard to imagine having no debt hanging over my head. After I got married, my husband and I started giving everything we had to reach debt freedom. We’ll have zero debt (besides our mortgage) by May 2016.

-TINY HOUSE NATION. My husband and I have tiny house fever. When we reach our goal of being debt free, we will sell our home and build a tiny home on land we plan to purchase with family. We want to enjoy time with family and travel with each other. Not work paycheck to paycheck to keep an enormous amount of stuff we barely use.

I dream of becoming a business owner in my community someday. I have a passion for juicing and am working towards opening a local organic juice bar.


I decided to go vegan Nov 2015. Before that, I’d never eaten much meat and when I did, there was always a part of me that was grossed out. In 2015 I kept getting this gnawing feeling in my heart that “this isn’t right.”

Before I decided to live a vegan lifestyle, I always thought it seemed extreme. But when I took a step back and looked at how I had been conditioned to believe industrialanimal production is a normal part of life.. it made me mad. As a small child, I grew up thinking that dairy is a vital and healthy part of a growing kids diet. Celebrities and athletes endorsed these kinds of campaigns.

The way we have been indoctrinated to believe dairy is healthy and animals don’t suffer at the hands of industrial farming is NO different in my eyes of being indoctrinated into anything else, be it religion…racism…whatever. It wasn’t until I wanted to know exactly what my food was and what it was doing to my body… that I finally educated myself on these industries built on exploiting beings for profit.

According to the UN, over a billion sentient beings are bred, tortured and killed each year for food, clothing and entertainment.

Let’s get real with it… culture, tradition, taste and convenience should never justify CRUELTY. I once felt so strongly for animal cruelty yet didn’t even think of how my own “food” came to my plate.

I didn’t question eating animals because it is a cultural norm. It tasted good (even though it made me feel like shit) and everyone did it. Then one day I watched Earthlings.. I couldn’t believe how ignorant I had been and the reality of what I was paying for.

It is my choice what I eat, what cosmetics I use, what clothes I wear, and what entertainment I watch. For me personally, being a vegan means living my life in a way that doesn’t cause harm to another. It means not choosing to use, pay for, or promote anything that results in the suffering or exploitation of any being, no matter its species.

If you’re interested in learning more about being vegan and what meat-eaters are paying for, go to my page ‘Veganism’ page under the “Live a Natural Life” tab.

My Core Values

These are my very own set of values I live by.

1. Be Balanced

(This is #1 on my list because I have to be very proactive as I live with depression.)

Attempt to keep an even distribution in daily life and your conscious decisions. Keep a balanced diet & drink enough water. Attend to important “adult” tasks but know when to save the rest for tomorrow. Be truthful but don’t be harsh. Keep some days for “alone” time and use others to spend with friends & family. Be in tune with your body- know when to exercise or stretch and know when to rest. Get enough sleep & don’t sleep too much.

2. Be True

Be happy & respectful of your family, friends and community’s ideals and truths. You know that every single person is on their own personal journey. Align to YOUR own truth and no one else’s. Pay attention to what resonates within your physical, mental and spiritual self- leave the rest behind.

3. Be Inspired

Be present in all situations so you don’t miss a moment of inspiration. Be still to FEEL the love and emotion deep within you when you’re inspired. Pay attention to what inspires you and bring more of it into your life.

4. Be Transformative

Try to always be open-minded. Challenge the practices and ideals that seem hard-wired in your brain. Be open to try something different and new. (You know you’re either going to like it… or you won’t.)

5. Be Responsible

The choices you make are YOURS. Own them and take responsibility for them.

6. Be Considerate

Your thoughts, words and actions all have an effect on the beings, places and things around you. Know that with every decision or action you take, there are going to be actions that follow distinctly because of what YOU did. Don’t ever let words just fall out of your face because they can- think about what you say before you say it. Be mindful of who you’re talking to. If you’re ever out and see a piece of trash, pick it up. If you look out your window and see your neighbor needs help, run over and help them. If you see an animal suffering or in need of help, take initiative. Be a considerate human being. Respect the earth you live on.


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