Building A Tiny Tab Trailer

In 2015, my husband, Scott, and I want to travel the Northwest. We want to venture into backpacking, weekend motorcycle trips & lots of camping. Although we love getting on a plane and exploring new places we’ve never been, we realized there are equally as many places we haven’t explored in our own beautiful back yard, the great Northwest.

My side of the Tetons | Driggs, Idaho

We have talked about buying and upcycling an old camp trailer or bus. It’s been hard finding much of anything so we began considering other possibilities. We recently lent Scott’s welding skills to friends who are building their own Tab camp trailer and we saw how truly easy and affordable it can be to build your own, not to mention you can build it exactly how you want it!

If you’ve never seen a Tab camper, they are placed on a teardrop trailer and can be small enough to be pulled by an SUV.  They are designed to be minimalistic so you can focus on your travels while having a secure and safe place to sleep. They also retail at around $16,000 for the most BASIC model! WOW.

Can you guess how much it’s going to cost for our friends building their own? Under $1000.

Tiny Trailer Camper from Casual Turtle CampersWe also have a love for the Tiny House Movement. We love the look and feel of tiny homes. We want to incorporate this into building our model.

Right now we are just in the planning stages.

I will be documenting how we build it with videos and blogs along the way- so stay tuned!!




9 thoughts on “Building A Tiny Tab Trailer

    • We live near Boise, Idaho. We want to explore north Idaho and Oregon and Washington. We’ve done a lot of hiking in Eastern Oregon & south western Idaho, so the real dry, sagebrush filled rolling hills. We haven’t hiked mountains or into forests yet.

      I would love to hear your suggestions or tips on places to go! I want to hike up to Baron Lake in Idaho but besides that we don’t have much planned!


  1. I’ d to follow dream project I am planning building one myself in 2017. Mine will be very small, everything will be minimized because it will be pulled by my Goldwing


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