An Oh-So-Simple Green Juice Recipe

12-20-2014 juice

I just realized last night, when taking out all the ingredients to make a green juice, that it’s been at least 6 months since I’ve used my juicer. It was hard to believe.

Between my sister’s wedding, my wedding, and both my sisters having babies, life has been really crazy.

Something I tend to do is neglect myself when things get busy. I try to keep with everything that needs kept up on, but I don’t take a break to do some of the things that make me really happy (read, juice, do yoga). I always have to tell myself that this errand or that project will have to wait for tomorrow because I need some time to do the things that make my heart happy!

I threw random veggies into my cart the other night when I went to the store for a quick trip. I buy all organic. If I’m tight on money, I at least buy my leafy vegetables organic.

My ingredients for this juice were:

1 apple peeled

5 whole carrots

5 stalks celery

ginger (about the size of a quarter-not sure how many oz. it was)

1 bushel of Kale (about 7 stalks)

1/2 of a cucumber

I usually try to include an apple and an orange to sweeten up my green juices. For only having one apple and a full bushel of kale, this juice was surprisingly not bitter at all. It was delicious! I slept really well after I drank this.

What’s your go-to juice?


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