Live By Your Own Set of Core Values

I was just editing the website and added my own list of core values I wrote for myself to the “about me” page. I thought it would be an important post as well, so I’m posting my set of core values here. I also want to include a guide on how you can write your own set of core values for yourself.

We are all so different… to think you can live by a set of values someone else gives you is just silly. You have to listen to your body, look within and find what’s right for you.DCIM999GOPRO

It is crucial for you to be the master of your own ship.

To be the explorer of YOUR own happiness.

To align to YOUR own truths!

How do I set core values for myself?

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by looking at yourself. Yes, pay attention to YOURSELF! Our attention is always being pulled at by our smart phones, tablets, advertisements, and just the constant “blah blah blah” in the background of our every day lives. It’s easy to become a bit detached from ourselves and our own needs. Here’s a list that might help you:

1. Carry a notepad on you that you can write whenever something catches your attention.

2. Be aware when you feel inspired, when something makes you smile, or even when something makes you upset.

3. Write these things down.

4. Write down your important thoughts throughout the day that have to do with friends, family, or your community.

By knowing yourself more deeply, you can write your very own unique set of values for yourself. It’s okay to live a different way from your friends or family. When you live by your own set of important core values, you can be confident you’re working towards being the best person you can be.

My Core Values

These are my very own set of values I live by and wrote for myself. I try to live my life to be the best “me” that I can.

1. Be Balanced

(This is #1 on my list because I have to be very proactive as I live with depression. Staying balanced means I keep my depression in check and I am in control.)

Attempt to keep an even distribution in daily life and your conscious decisions. Keep a balanced diet & drink enough water. Attend to important “adult” tasks but know when to save the rest for tomorrow. Be truthful but don’t be harsh. Keep some days for “alone” time and use others to spend with friends & family. Be in tune with your body- know when to exercise or stretch and know when to rest. Get enough sleep & don’t sleep too much.

2. Be True

Be happy & respectful of your family, friends and community’s ideals and truths. You know that every single person is on their own personal journey. Align to YOUR own truth and no one else’s. Pay attention to what resonates within your physical, mental and spiritual self- leave the rest behind.

3. Be Inspired

Be present in all situations so you don’t miss a moment of inspiration. Be still to FEEL the love and emotion deep within you when you’re inspired. Pay attention to what inspires you and bring more of it into your life.

4. Be Transformative

Try to always be open-minded. Challenge the practices and ideals that seem hard-wired in your brain. Be open to try something different and new. (You know you’re either going to like it… or you won’t.)

5. Be Responsible

The choices you make are YOURS. Own them and take responsibility for them.

6. Be Considerate

Your thoughts, words and actions all have an effect on the people, places and things around you. Know that with every decision or action you take, there are going to be actions that follow distinctly because of what YOU did. Don’t ever let words just fall out of your face because they can- think about what you say before you say it. Be mindful of who you’re talking to. If you’re ever out and see a piece of trash, pick it up. If you look out your window and see your neighbor needs help, run over and help them. Be a considerate human being. Respect the earth you live on.


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