A GoPro Christmas Tree Decorating

fall homeMerry Christmas!!!

This Christmas is a special one for us. It’s our first Christmas in our new (first) home together as a married couple.

We love our home so much. It’s in the historic district in the town where we live. Built in 1925. A ton of character.

We spent the first 3 months we lived here (before we left for Hawaii) doing project after project. It has been SO much work. But it has all been very much worth it. At this point, the inside is up to our expectations- it’s very cute and cozy. Thankfully we haven’t done it all ourselves. Scott’s mom and sister have helped us a lot, as well.

So I decided when we put the tree up last night to pull out the camera and make a funny cute little video so I can always remember it.

Fields of Gold is one of my absolute favorite songs, so I put in over this video.

I hope you are having nice holidays and looking back on 2014 with a smile.


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