Overcome These 2 Things To Achieve Your Dreams

11hikeI was just doing errands around the house when I began pondering on some of my own goals and started thinking about some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past few years.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about where to start in achieving your goals. I always have to remind myself to take baby steps. Write a list. Begin doing a few things on that list every day. I  remind myself I can’t achieve anything overnight. Even simply starting with baby steps means you’re taking action and doing something about your goals. And I know for me, beginning with those baby steps always helps my nerves. I tend to overwhelm myself with my own big ideas.

Overcome these 2 things. You can and will achieve your dreams.

1. Fear— When you see an opportunity as a problem or an inconvenience, you can unknowingly let that opportunity slide right by you.

If you do not confront your fears head on, the universe will keep sending you those same type of problems/situations until you conquer them. (Ever heard of the law of attraction?)

I remember being nervous to jump into blogging and building a website. First I went out and built a website for my sister’s business and it was a hit! I knew I was good at it and enjoyed doing it, but I was holding myself back because I was seeing the finished product in my head. I wasn’t mapping out the process on how to get there. Looking back, I wondered how I could have been so silly. I finally overcame my very own roadblocks and began building my website with small steps. Get a few pages up one day. Write a couple blogs the next day. It all starts to come together.

Once you overcome your fears, you will go on to the next step or phase in your life because you are coming out as a stronger and better version of yourself.


2. Not taking action on your dreams. Get inspired and do something about your inspiration!

Be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Because no one wants to see their life go by. And no one wants to look back and have regrets that they didn’t take the risk in order to have a better life. If you feel inspired by something you love, do something about it! Whether that means making music, creating things with your hands, or working up in your career. There’s only one unique YOU. Don’t let people think you’re just like “everyone else.” Know you’re special and be proud of it.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by only seeing the finished product or the end goal. Write a list. Begin mapping out the journey that is going to help you reach your end goal.



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