My 5 Favorite Things About Maui



We arrived in Maui last Tuesday. We’re staying in the town of Kihei, which is on the west side of the island for 11 nights.

In a few days we’ll be headed home back to Idaho where the temperature is in the 40’s compared to upper 80’s here!

This was our very first time ever to experience a tropical climate, so it was a big experience for us!

Here are my 5 Favorite things about Maui!

1. The Ocean

Of course, this is probably everyone’s first favorite! The endless water that expands past the horizon is very peaceful to be near. The energy of the ocean is indescribable but after every dive, I felt totally refreshed. The coral and sea life just under the surface of the water is a whole new world. It has been so fun to explore it. The water is very salty- it doesn’t taste very good, but it has helped my dreadlocks really tighten up in just a week! It’s crazy that they’re a couple inches shorter than when I got here. We have spent half of our time here snorkeling over the coral reefs and felt we needed a little souvenir to take home with us…


2. The Humidity.

While it may not be everyone’s favorite, I really loved the warm moist air. I’m used to having dry skin at home that has to be lathered in lotion every day, so not having to put face lotion on was unreal to me. My skin felt great..


3. The Activities

We drove up towards Mt. Haleakala to go ziplining in the forest. We boarded a cruise ship in Maalaea Harbor to watch the sunset over the ocean. We snorkeled off of Wailaea Beach to get incredible footage of the coral reefs & green sea turtles. We ate amazing food at local restaurants and bought fresh fruit from the farmer’s market. We stopped off along the road to Hana to go on a hike through a bamboo forest. We went to watch a surf competition on the North side of the island before we left for the road to Hana.












4. The Nature

It’s not just the scenery that was breathtaking. It was the smell of the rich organic ecosystem, the brush of the warm humid air against my face, and the feel of the hot sand against my feet. We are very outdoorsy in Idaho so we took every chance to get out and explore this amazing island. Tasting the fresh fruit grown there on the island was incredible. I had never eaten a papaya before! They are now one of my favorites!
























5. A Time to Reconnect

Scott and I haven’t had 16 straight days to spend together since we first started dating. (We were 18 then, and scraping by while he looked for a job after he moved down from Alaska.) The time we have had here has recharged our relationship. When we had some time to kill at the condo, we pulled out Uno from the cabinet. I don’t remember the last time I ever played uno. It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day life. Our travels and adventures help us to remember what’s important and why we work so hard. To provide for one another and to fund our travels! Our honeymoon has really been amazing and just what we needed.


until next time, Maui. Aloha!


2 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Things About Maui

  1. If I could swing it, I’d move to Maui ! We went on our 25th wedding anniversary and again on our 26th, and again on our 27th. We had tickets to go again and I fell getting out of our swimming pool and broke my pelvis. It has been a long 1 1/2 year ordeal, 7 surgeries later… maybe once again we’ll get to stay at Kehei-Ke -Nani and eat the incredible fish and fruit! Your pictures, and blog brought back beautiful memories of dancing on the beach the Hawaiian Wedding song at sunset…. It sounds as if Aloha is also calling you to return. Mahalo for your blog this day. 🙂


    • So would I, I would LOVE to live there. It sounds like you had amazing trips, I hope your body heals and youre able to get back soon. The fresh fruit and soothing energy of the ocean is incomparable. I made a cute little video of Maui on another blog post, Im sure it would bring back more memories for you 🙂 merry christmas!

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